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EPISODE #7: Ed Hyde, CEO of Spark Ventures

In Episode 7, I speak to Ed Hyde, CEO of Spark Ventures. Spark Ventures is Spark’s venture capital arm, responsible for creating the next wave of growth for Spark NZ and aiming to raise the... Read More
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EPISODE #6: Holly Cardew, Founder of Pixc

In Episode 6, I speak to Holly Cardew, Founder of Pixc.   Pixc is a graduate of both Startmate and 500 Startups that helps online stores owners improve their product images to stand out from the... Read More
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EPISODE #5: Tim Fung, Co-founder & CEO at Airtasker

In Episode 5, I interview Tim Fung, Co-founder & CEO at Airtasker.   Airtasker is an open community marketplace where people can outsource everyday odd jobs as well as professional tasks. They’ve seen some pretty incredible... Read More

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Australian VC Funds for Startups

Australian Venture Capital firms provide funding to growing startups in return for a stake in the company. Almost every tech company you instantly recognise (Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook) were funded by VCs at some point.  …

Australian Startup Accelerators

An accelerator can be defined as a pressured program that help entrepreneurs at the seed level. They usually provide education, mentorship, and financing that help you get into a stage of rapid development.    Accelerators…

Australian Angel Investors

Angel Investors, commonly referred to as “business angels”, or just “angels”, are wealthy individuals who invest a small amount into early-stage companies in exchange for equity.   Because most startups in which they invest end…

Sydney Angel Investors

Below is a list of Sydney Angel Investors that back up startups operating not just in New South Wales, but across Australia. Note: this is by no means a complete list, rather an accumulation of…

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